This is the homepage of the group of desert foxes that left for Caïro, November 14th 1999, for a journey, organised by The Shoestring Company, to the oases in the Libian desert, through Luxor and Aswan, descending the river Nile, and coming back by "nighttrain to Caïro" ...


!!! Take a look at The photo of the group!!!

Anyone who has missed the reunion in Langweer, on January 29th 2000, really missed a great event Hospitality of Jos Witteveen, in his restaurant "De Oude Gevel" was incredible!

Imagine: just one week before Jos regained his Michelin star (that he lost a year ago because of a dreadful misunderstanding), and now already service was as if he is in the race for a second star! .

 Jos' homepage does not exist any more.

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